I came to Crystal with food intolerances and IBS symptoms after years of having little or no luck with treatments from my GP. I was drawn to the fact her treatment plans are based on naturopathic medicine, which focuses on healing through a healthy diet. I was a particularly tricky patient as I am vegan, but Crystal was fantastic from the beginning – very considerate and thorough, taking into account my life and interests as a whole alongside my health issues. It took a lot of hard work and dedication but even after a few months the improvement was incredible!

Quickly I began to see improvements in my energy levels, my skin, and my mental health. I also discovered a range of different foods that I enjoy and now eat regularly!

Crystal makes the whole process fun and interesting and explains the reasons behind any diet changes thoroughly, making her sessions informative and engaging. Now, I am feeling much more healthy overall, which is a testament to her great advice and excellent naturopathic training. I look forward to working with her to slowly reintroduce more into my diet and do not doubt that I will continue to see improvements under her direction!

Rachael, North London